Gay Travel to Costa Rica

With the spreading acceptance of gay culture and the gay lifestyle, many tourist organizations and locations have sought to reach out to the gay community with clubs, hotels, bars and other attractions that cater specifically to them. Costa Rica is one of many regions which has chosen to do so, and gay travel to here is now one of the most rapidly expanding subsections of the local tourist market. As such, those who are interested in gay vacations in to this lovely country have a great variety of options to choose from.

Though Costa Rica was somewhat indifferent or hostile towards gays as recently as the late 90s, the large amount of tourist dollars, not to mention the fact that they are generally well behaved tourists who don’t destroy property or vandalize buildings. As such, in recent years, there has been a great effort to build gay-friendly bars, hotels, and other meeting places. The vast majority of these places are located in San Jose or Manuel Antonio, which are also the largest cities on the island. There are also a number of older (forty years old and up) gays who have chosen to settle in here, purchasing various houses and other properties in the area. This offers unique opportunities to gays visiting Costa Rica, not to mention the fact that many of the bars are becoming increasingly gay-themed and gay-friendly properties.

Like many formerly conservative areas, it is advisable that gays who are visiting Costa Rica keep to themselves when vacationing in Costa Rica. Though the police and many other organizations have sided strongly with the tourists, there have been a number of incidents. While none of them have led to outright violence or death, the natural tendency towards machismo and confrontation found in some of the natives (especially after a few drinks) means that gay visitors are more likely to stick with the gay friendly resorts and areas.